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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Patron Picks: September

I stumbled upon this little book while looking for something else and I’m so glad I did. I was already thinking about the role my own grandparents had played in my life and this easy read brought some of my own memories into sharper focus.


Good book. Good characters. Funny, light-hearted. Didn’t want to put it down, Good family values, wholesome sexual tension.


Awesome read!!! To me, it hits home with my life. How through the choices we make, whether right or wrong, God still loves us!!


The last book in the epic saga of The Dark Tower series; we follow the ka-tet of Roland, Eddie, Jake, Susannah, and Oy. We meet a few new characters along the journey to the tower. This installment did not move along as well as the others, but is still good. Some readers may be disappointed with the end.

Follows a young girl during her last summer before starting college. Captures the angst of the excitement of starting anew, while being afraid of leaving all she knows behind. A good summer read.

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