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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Superb Science Kits, Part 1

Posted by Youth Staff

With school ending and summer fast approaching, keep in mind that the Youth Library has a large collection of science kits that can be checked out for children ages 6 and up. Each of these kits are sure to keep you and your kids engaged and learning new things.  Some of them will have you taking trips outside to explore nature and others are perfect for really hot days or when it's raining outside.   We have such a large collection of science kits that we'll be discussing them in more than one post. Click on the kit titles to go to our catalog and place a hold.

Have your children check out our FIELD TRIP PACK before you visit Edwardsville’s Watershed Nature Center this spring and summer!  They can use the Audobon bird call to speak to the birds, and then use the bird song identifier to see who is talking back to them.  The field trip kit includes two Bushnell binoculars, so they can stealthily scope out the wildlife from a distance.   The magnifying glasses, dip net, observation container with magnifying lid, insect viewing cubes – and more! – will make your trip an exciting hands-on adventure for the whole family.

This model contains 31 fully detachable organs and body parts and features a transparent cutaway to show internal structures.  Includes a display platform and an illustrated guidebook to help you put everything back together again.  The book, Everything you need to know about Frogs is also included in this kit.

Prepare to engineer 101 exciting, useful electronic gadgets and play lively electronic games. All projects are simple to build with snap together pieces. A colorful and easy-to-follow instruction manual makes circuit assembly stress-free. This kit also includes the books, What is a Circuit and Electrical Engineering and the Science of Circuits.

Part 2

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