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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tried It! Eyecatcher - the game

Posted by Kristen R.
Of the games offered at the library, Eyecatcher is the one that….caught my eye. I wanted to try a game that I had not played before, that can accommodate multiple players, and that poses a challenge—and pose a challenge, it does.

Eyecatcher is a brain teaser in which each player must take a turn trying to match multi-colored tiles to corresponding spaces on the game board. Before each round, someone rolls the pyramid die to determine the amount of points given for each match that the players make during their turns. For example, if the die rolls 3, then each match will be worth 3 points. All of the tiles are placed upside-down. Each player is only given a minute to flip one tile at a time and match it to the board, trying to get through as many as possible. When the minute is up, points are recorded on the score sheet, and the next player takes his or her turn, and so on. There are 5 rounds per game, and after the last round, the player with the most points wins! Score sheets and timer are provided in the game.

With such a seemingly simple concept, Eyecatcher soon revealed itself to be more complex than first anticipated. Just as I thought I had finally found the equivalent space, I would realize that—while the colors were the same—they were not in the exact pattern as the tile. A quick glance at the timer and my opponents’ staring eyes would send me frantically turning the tile to find its match. As each turn passed, I couldn’t wait to have another chance to redeem myself and improve my score.

The game offers a number of variations. The game box indicates that it can be played solo or with up to 12 people. My experience playing Eyecatcher with 4 friends worked well for the party game option (as described above). The flip side of the direction sheet is for the single player, with a special ranking system for determining personal “bests.” A challenge option is also available for larger groups, in which teams are formed, and two players from each team play all at once: flipping tiles, trying to match them, racing the clock, and getting in each other’s way. What could be more fun?

If you remember loving the memory game from your childhood, where you would lay cardboard tiles face down on the floor and try matching pictures of baby animals to their mothers, you will find Eyecatcher to be a sophisticated version to try. Prepare for thrilling infuriation as you come to resent how your own eyes can betray you and how fast a minute’s worth of sand speeds through the timer. Develop a strategy from turn to turn, learn patterns and frequencies, and master the game of Eyecatcher.

This game, and all other games offered at Edwardsville Public Library, can be checked out with an adult EPL card. Click on the titles to request them!

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