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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Patron Book Review: Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva

Posted by patron and guest blogger, Irv S.

Daniel Silva is a fine writer of spy thrillers and Moscow Rules is not a disappointment. His principal character, Gabriel Allon, is  an  restorer of fine art and an Israeli spy. He seems to operate with an unlimited budget and outstanding support system, including U.S. (CIA) and British (MI5 and MI6) as well as Israelis. He is restoring a painting for the Vatican and honeymooning in Italy when he receives a call to make a brief trip to Rome to meet with a dissident Russian journalist. He accepts the  assignment which, unexpectedly to him but not to the reader, grows into an exceedingly complex and bloody venture. The story goes from Italy to France, the U.S., Britain, and Russia. It is a fascinating tale and a quick read.

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