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Monday, April 4, 2016

Because Elephants are Extraordinary: Children's Book Recommendations

Posted by Staff

How many children's books with elephants as main characters can you think of?  By asking around, we've gathered this collection of recommended books from our staff. Many of these we've discovered recently, but others have been around for a long time. Try one of these extraordinary elephant books today!

Ollie the Purple Elephant by Jarrett Krosoczka 

This book tells the story of an adorable purple elephant who loves to dance, attend ballet lessons, and play hopscotch.  He also fights a little bit of crime! (Kelcey H.)

Ellison the Elephant by Eric Drachman

Ellison learns it's OK to be different from other elephants and to be confident in who he is. (Stephanie M.) Teaches kids that it's OK to be different from everyone else, everyone is unique. (Jocie D.)

Uncle Cleans Up by J.P. Martin

There is a lot of prose but also many illustrations in this elevated tale of a kindly, old elephant's attempt to clean up a cluttered next-door neighborhood. (David R.)

Elephant and Piggie by Mo Willems

I find their adventures to be wildly entertaining. (Evan E.)

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

This story is narrated by Ivan, a easy-going gorilla whose home has been in a shopping mall for twenty-seven years. He enjoys watching TV and creating art. Everything changes when Ruby, a baby elephant captured in the wild, is brought to the shopping mall.  This book is better for older children (8+) because there are some very sad and difficult themes, but it is a wonderful book and has a great ending. It is based on a true story. (Katherine R.)

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