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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Patron Book Reviews: November 2016

Book reviews provided by EPL patrons

Be Frank With Me by Julia Clairborne Johnson
Great Book! Loved it. Wonderful characters - unique plot. A fun ride.


The Flame Bearer by Bernard Cornwell
Great for anyone who like adventure stories, especially those set in medieval Europe. A must for Cornwell fans, it is the tenth installment of this Saxon series.

Marrow by Elizabeth Lesser
Read by me and a friend. Excellent memoir - very heartfelt and contemporary.

Mister Monkey by Francine Prose
Very enjoyable and has more meat (and heart) than I expected initially. I'm looking forward to reading the author's other novels. This would make a good book club selection - plenty of characters/motivations to play with.

She Came From Beyond by Nadine Darling
Ambitious themes and goals, but the author only touches superficially on them. The heroine is shallow and unlikeable, the villain is a sad sack and the love interest is useless.

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey
Terrific narrative that very deftly captures a sense of someone sliding into senile dementia. Fluidly moved between memory and the present, echoing between similar experiences then and now. The past "creates" the present and the present perhaps re-frames the past.

Forbidden Love in St. Petersburg by Mishka Ben-David
A long, but good book. An odd type of book....a romantic spy story.

All the Stars in the Heavens by Adriana Trigiani
Very Good! Old Hollywood glamour and secrets. Really enjoyed it!

Five and Twenty Fives by Michael Pitre
Opened my eyes to a troops life in the Middle East. Great Book! I now have a better understanding of PTSD.

Seoul Man by Frank Ahrens
Great look at living in the business world of Korea. Americans need to read more of these kinds of books.

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