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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Don't Miss TV!

Posted by Cary H. 

I love finding a new TV series that I can binge watch – especially during these long winter evenings. I love British mysteries because they have more believable characters than most US shows, and, as most British actors cross over between movies and television all the time (unlike the US), the quality of acting in British TV is really great. Also, I always love a good documentary, and I was so pleasantly surprised to come across California Typewriter. Based on the reviews, I think many folks agree. Finally, with Grace and Frankie, you have to be willing to watch over the top characters in order to delve into very timely and topical subjects that have not been featured in TV before. Enjoy!



California Typewriter (documentary)*

“California Typewriter” is the name of a long-established typewriter repair shop in Berkley, CA. This documentary illuminates the growing interest in typewriter collections and usage all over the country, as well as this store’s slow comeback in the internet age that saves them from closing its doors. Actors Tom Hanks (who owns more than 200 typewriters!) and Sam Shepard, along with authors David McCullough and musician John Mayer, share their love and enthusiasm for this iconic machine in all its models and colors – especially how manual typing enhances the creative process. Also, an artist uses every piece of these machines to create lively, organically inspired art. Even if you don’t plan to rush out and buy a vintage typewriter (like I did), the story is very inspirational and reminds us of the beauty of the “mechanical” (100% on Rotten Tomatoes).



Grace & Frankie (dramedy series)

What do two wives do when their 70-year-old spouses announce that they are gay and are marrying each other? Watch the amazing Lily Tomlin (the 60s throwback) and Jane Fonda (the uptight country clubber) survive and thrive in these changing times. Funny, over-the-top, and poignant, this series also includes veteran actors Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston like you’ve never seen them before!






Vera (mystery series - police procedural)

Excellent British series based on the acclaimed book series by Ann Cleeves. Gritty and emotional with a strong female lead played by the excellent Brenda Blethyn.








Endeavour (mystery series – cerebral)

For lovers of Inspector Morse, this series travels back in time to when Morse first started his career (his first name is Endeavour, didn’t you know?). With excellent acting and set in the 1960s, follow our young detective as he battles criminals and his own demons in his unique, erudite way.




Father Brown (mystery series – cozy, remake)

I’m not typically a fan of cozy mysteries (except Agatha Christie), and I would give the original Father Brown series from the 70s a 5 out of 10 rating. But, this remake with Mark Williams in the title role (Harry Potter’s Mr. Weasley) is charming and exudes period atmosphere. Just the right touch of intriguing mystery and loveable characters combine to make this show a star.

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