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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Meet the Staff: Robin B.

How long have you worked at the library? Since September, 2017

How many items do you have checked out right now? I have 9 items out currently.

How many items are on your hold list? I just picked up 2 tonight. I have 2 more pending. 

What book can you read again and again without losing interest? Why do you still read it? Though I haven’t read it for a few years, I have re-read The Hobbit several times. I was in elementary school the first time and went back several times as I grew and my perspectives changed.

What is your favorite book format (book, audio, mp3, e-reader, etc.)? I like hard back books the most, though format won’t limit me. I enjoy the tactile experience of holding the book and turning the pages. 

What is your favorite aspect of working at the library? The people. The staff are warm and friendly. And our patrons are remarkable people. I really feel a part of the community here. 

What is your guilty reading (or listening) pleasure? I like to listen to audio books while I am driving. I drive @ 100 miles per day most days. I recently listened to a presidential historian and felt (just a little bit) guilty when my mind drifted from the topic. Of course it is always more important to pay attention to the road.

What is your perfect reading environment? Curled up in my big chair with a dog or cat or both. I enjoy the sunroom in summer and by the fireplace in winter.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what single genre of books would you want with you? Survival guides with emphasis on edible plants.

What was your favorite children’s book when you were a child? What is your favorite children’s book now? When I was little, I read Humm, The Singing Hamster by Catherine Bing over and over. A Children’s book that I have enjoyed more recently is I Love You the Purplest by Barbara Joosse.

Before you worked here, what was your worst library transgression? I had the flu last year and wound up with crazy overdue materials and fines. It was very stressful!! I felt so relieved when I was able to come in and rectify the situation.

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