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Monday, January 17, 2011

Anne Recommends: The Chains Series

Posted by Anne W.
Growing up, I loved anything and everything historical fiction.  Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, and American Girls were some of my favorites, and I just delighted in learning about the daily lives of people throughout history.  These days, I don’t read quite as much historical fiction as I used to, but when I picked up the book, Chains, by the award-winning author,  Laurie Halse Anderson, I remembered why I love this genre so much.  

The Chains series (yes it’s a series!!) is set during the American Revolutionary War.   The first two books, Chains and Forge, follow the main characters, Isabel and Curzon, as they attempt to escape their lives of slavery in New York City, in hopes of finding freedom elsewhere.  At the same time, on a larger scale, the United States is fighting for freedom from English rule.  While the books are heartbreaking at times, they are also incredibly well-written.  The third and final book, Ashes, has not yet been published.   I would recommend this book for kids in 7th grade to adults. 

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