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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What's Your Reading Personality? We Took a Quiz to Find Out

The quiz we recently took is supposed to reveal your reading personality. It looks like the library is staffed by a wide variety of reading personalities, but we do have a lot of  "The Escapist" personality type. Many of us do believe that reading is supposed to be fun! If you'd like to take the quiz, here's the link:


The Escapist

If you're an Escapist, you believe that above all, reading is supposed to be FUN. You read because you enjoy it, but also because it helps you relax, especially when your real life feels crazy. You especially appreciate a book that feels impossible to put down.

Robin, Katherine, Mary, Sam, Amanda, Tirzah, Jason, Tirzah, Devin, Evan, Elizabeth, Krista

The Explorer

The Explorer knows that a reader lives a thousand lives. This type enjoys experiencing a world of possibilities and firmly agrees that reading builds empathy. Explorers are thoughtful about what they read next. They are likely to get their book recommendations from their fellow readers and sometimes fellow travelers, the issues of the day, and their own research.

Allie, Cary, Megan P., Lisa

The English Major

Maybe you're a bona fide English major; maybe you're one at heart. Either way you believe in books that have stood the test of time. You love to see what's on current school reading lists. You enjoy old classics and modern classics, as well as books about the reading of life.

Kelsey, Gwen

The Student

The Student loves to learn, and loves to learn new things, just for the fun of it. You might read deeply on one subject you're passionate about; you may enjoy reading widely on a huge variety of interesting topics. Either way, new ideas make you feel energized.


The Insider

If you're an insider, your reading list is full of contemporary literary fiction - you pay attention to what is coming out of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and which hot new authors are on NPR these days. Your friends see you as the one who's "in the know" about what's happening in publishing. You pay attention to what the critics say, but you read to please yourself.

Jill, Hannah

The Inspiration Seeker

For the Inspiration Seeker, reading is a catalyst. Your intention—whether or not you say it out loud, or even to yourself, is to read and then DO. You read to be inspired, and then you follow through on what you read, whether you're reading about being a better friend, parent, traveler, cook, global citizen, or human being.


The Social Reader

If you're a social reader, book talk is a key part of your reading experience. The discussion helps you clarify your thoughts, sometimes changes your mind, and is always a good time. You're likely to get your book recommendations from your real-life friends, your actual book club, and Oprah.

Jacob, Kristen

The Discoverer

When it comes to reading, this type loves the thrill of discovery. You love to choose what to read next, and you think planning takes away the fun. You believe in serendipity, and wholeheartedly agree with Rosanne Cash when she says, “Books find their way to you when you need them.”

Megan J.

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